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MajorPac is the first Cannabis Culture Company based out of Kansas City! We highlight the cannabis industry through health, business, sports, and entertainment.

Our Mission.

Our top priority is to create products aimed towards healing and improving your life whether you are an athlete, businessman, veteran, musician, retired school teacher, or anything in between.

best CBD products for pain


Here at MajorPac, we believe that the best CBD products for pain will ultimately improve the quality of your workouts and your fitness level.

When you add CBD as a daily supplement, you will notice a faster recovery period, which will lead to major muscle gains. Taking CBD and using our Bang Topical Products will work in conjunction with the body’s cannabinoid system to make the body feel complete and restored to its natural state. Our Bang products are a natural pain reliever. Bang will help reduce inflammation and reduce muscle ache and tension while still allowing you to have maximum energy.


There are 6 major benefits from using Bang CBD products:

  1. Relieves pain
  2. Reduces inflammation
  3. Reduces muscle tension
  4. Improves sleep disorders
  5. Relieves anxiety
  6. Faster recovery

Ultimately, there are many benefits to implementing CBD into you daily routine, whether it’s a tincture or topical. MajorPac’s Bang CBD will make you feel complete.


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