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MajorPac is the first Cannabis Culture Company based out of Kansas City! We highlight the cannabis industry through health, business, sports, and entertainment.

Our Mission.

Our top priority is to create products aimed towards healing and improving your life whether you are an athlete, businessman, veteran, musician, retired school teacher, or anything in between.

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 As a Cannabis Culture Company, we wanted to create cannabis accessories that would optimize each of our customer’s experience, whether that be with CBD or THC.

Not only do we have our watermarked rolling papers and cones, but we also have a line of smoking amenities to take our consumers to the next level. We offer two different styles of glass tips; a Relaxed lip tip and a classic, round Pro tip. The best advice we give people is to pair our tips with either of our different sizes of rolling papers!

Our Accessories

We’ve got you covered with cannabis accessories in this aspect as well.

Now that you know what you’re going to smoke out of, let’s figure out how you’re going to crumble up and roll your cannabis! If you’re looking for a smaller tray, we have our classic MajorPac logo trays with our watermark faint in the background. Wanna roll a little more? We also have a glow tray which is a little bigger than our OG MajorPac tray. Our glow trays are the perfect purple color with our slimmer green logo in the middle! Not only does the outside of this tray light up, but our MajorPac logo in the middle also glows. What color you ask? Maybe switch that question to “what COLORS”? This glow in the dark tray has 5 different colors you can choose from: blue, green, red, purple and orange. With that variety, you’re bound to find a color to suit your every mood.


Don’t have time to roll up right this second? No worries! We also carry ounce and pound child-proof, smell-proof bags! These bags are a matte black with our watermarked logo all over: the classic MajorPac logo on the front and green goo dripping down the top of the bag. We know how important it is to keep your CBD/THC safe and zipped in tight, so when you get one of our bags, we challenge you to hand it over to a friend and record them opening it. Trust us, you’ll get a good laugh!


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