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MajorPac is the first Cannabis Culture Company based out of Kansas City! We highlight the cannabis industry through health, business, sports, and entertainment.

Our Mission.

Our top priority is to create products aimed towards healing and improving your life whether you are an athlete, businessman, veteran, musician, retired school teacher, or anything in between.

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 We offer a unique variety of cannabis apparel that flaunts our favorite MajorPac logos.

Our first design was the classic MajorPac Drip logo with the letters dripping and our infamous green goo on the shoulder. This is not just any plain old printed logo. All of our MajorPac Drip shirts glow in the dark! You’re bound to be the one to stand out in any crew with this shirt on! We offer this design in unisex t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, muscle tank tops as well as a women’s tank tops.

Our next favorite shirt is our MP Star! When designing this shirt, we knew we had to have something that stood out but was different than the classic glow-in-the-dark. We based this design off the athletes we sponsor and went with a sporty, reflective star (dripping of course!) with MP in the middle. This design is offered in unisex t-shirts, hoodies, and crewnecks.

Our Apparel

Cannabis Culture Company

Throughout our journey, we coined the term “Cannabis Culture Company” to describe what MajorPac is and thought it was only right to put that on a shirt! Our Cannabis Culture Company shirts say just that across the front of the shirt, but at this point you can’t expect us to do anything basic, right? Our Cannabis Culture Company shirts are black with a traditional font in a smoky gray color. What makes this shirt stand out is the 3D rubber print layering over the letters. Although the black shirt and smoky gray font may seem dark, the 3D rubber gives off a shine that catches every eye! You can get this design on either a unisex t-shirt or crewneck. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on any of our shirts, you’ll find our favorite part about our clothing; a green MajorPac Goo dripping tag on the hem!


Whether you have our classic MajorPac Drip logo shirt, the MP reflective Star shirt, or our Cannabis Culture Company shirt, the best thing to pair with any of these shirts is our MajorPac hat! Our hat is a black flat-bill with our classic MajorPac logo stitched on the front. And before you ask, yes, the MajorPac glows in the dark!


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