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MajorPac is the first Cannabis Culture Company based out of Kansas City! We highlight the cannabis industry through health, business, sports, and entertainment.

Our Mission.

Our top priority is to create products aimed towards healing and improving your life whether you are an athlete, businessman, veteran, musician, retired school teacher, or anything in between.

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At MajorPac, we are true believers in the power of healing through cannabis.

The founder and CEO of MajorPac is an athlete who has competed in many different sports. He turns to cannabis use to help mend his body, whether that be through consuming THC, routinely taking CBD oil tincture, or using CBD muscle rub.

If you have achy joints, tight or sore muscles, or body stiffness, we have a pain-soothing line just for you. Our Bang CBD line is CBD topical cream specially formulated to get your body back flowing like water. We have two types of CBD topicals for pain to help your body feel complete: Bang CBD Muscle Rub and Bang Subzero.

Our Trays

Each pack of Chutes and Strobes comes with three pre-rolled cones in each package.

Bang CBD Muscle Rub is made up of highly penetrating ingredients that we formulated to help stimulate blood flow to the injured area. The CBD within our muscle rub activates the cannabinoids in your body to speed up recovery time along with numbing the pain, allowing you to get back on your feet no time.


Our Bang Subzero is specially formulated with a cooling sensation designed to soothe the pain, heat to bring full mobility in your joints, plus added CBD to help reduce inflammation, making it a major component in recovery. Using our Bang CBD Topical creams will help with muscle inflammation; decrease muscle tension, pain and muscle ache; improve sleep to stimulate muscle growth; and improve energy levels for a better overall performance.


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