Major Sponsorship Package

Venue Access
6 VIP Passes: 25 Tickets, 25 Concert Tickets

  • Full Page Ad ┬áInside front + back covers of Digital Expo Program
  • Featured in the MajorPac AirDrop

Website + Social Co-Branding:

Top Line on all sponsored social media posts, co-branding with all digital flyers, street-team shoutouts

and poster distribution


Media Placement:

Featured on high traffic billboards

Top Line TV Feature

Radio Shout-outs
Podcast Shout-outs


Venue Visibility:
Featured on the Arena Megatron in the center of the arena
Top line feature on MCE T-shirt

Concert Sponsorship:

Megatron feature during concert
Sponsored suite with hospitality crew
Brand Announcement
Brand recognition at concert

Sponsor Area:
Your choice on smoking section, concourse arena concert stage
to fully showcase your brand and sell your products

Post Event Mention:
Featured on Shout-outs on any media discussing the outcome of the Expo