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From Packaging to Apparel, CBD to Rolling Papers, everything is Major here at MajorPac!

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Who We Are.

Cannabis isn’t just limited to one walk of life.

We believe everyone, from all walks of life, should be able to live the lifestyle they want, when they want, how they want.

Our premium cannabis culture and lifestyle products help you do just that! Athletes, artists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, and everyone in between can rejoice and partake in the culture and lifestyle they want to live! Take a look around and let us know if there is anything we can help you with.


Grab one of our premium cannabis culture trays before you get started. Get comfortable.

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Grab a tip – either a relaxed tip or a pro tip to fully optimize your experience. This will allow maximum air flow through your joint, while also reducing the residue and the scent off of your fingers.


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Whether CBD or THC flower, make sure to have ground them up in a grinder for a more even burn.


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Grab a pack of the best rolling papers: MajorPac Papers. Make a canoe. Don’t know how to make a canoe for the perfect roll? We’ll show you! Take a paper and fold lengthwise from the side without the gum on it and fold it to the middle of the paper. Next, pinch the bottom right tip of the paper and twist away from yourself, making a canoe-like structure with the paper. Place your freshly ground flower into the canoe, pushing the flower towards the twisted tip of the paper. Place your glass filter tip at the end of the canoe inside of the canoe, and tuck and roll. Seal your joint with the filter inside of it. Now you have the Perfect J.


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We are! Let’s keep it rolling.

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