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MajorPac is the first Cannabis Culture Company based out of Kansas City! We highlight the cannabis industry through health, business, sports, and entertainment.

Our Mission.

Our top priority is to create products aimed towards healing and improving your life whether you are an athlete, businessman, veteran, musician, retired school teacher, or anything in between.

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If you’re the cone type, we have exactly what you are looking for.

MajorPac Chutes and Strobes are all natural, dye free, GMO-free, chlorine-free, and bleach-free smoking cones designed with the custom patented MajorPac watermark to give you the perfect burn every time. Our tips are specially labeled with with our trademarked logo on a pre-rolled filter.

Our Cones

Each pack of Chutes and Strobes comes with three pre-rolled cones in each package.

Chutes are our 98mm cones perfectly designed for those that are blowing solo, while our Strobes are designed for a party. Our 109mm Strobes are designed for you and a friend to share the best of times. Whether Chutes or Strobes, you can’t go wrong with our smoking cones. Available in Pure Hemp or Rice, our cones are convenient, just stuff and go.


We also have a box of cones just for you or your store. This large box of Chutes or Strobes comes in a pop up display box holding 30 coffins, with 3 of our pre-rolled cones in each coffin.

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